Super Strain Koh Samui Spores



Super Strain Koh Samui Spores



Super Strain Koh Samui Spores. These Super Strain Koh Samui spores are quickly becoming one of our most popular strains to researchIn the wild Super Strain Koh Samui (SSKS), is said to grow short and stubby mushrooms in very thicker patches producing what some quantify as a higher yield.

Another of the potent mushroom strains to come from Thailand, where many psilocybe cubensis magic mushrooms grow and are very popular in the culture, It is both resistant to contamination as well as a fast-colonizing strain. These come HIGHLY recommended by researchers everywhere!

Included with each syringe purchase:

  1. One 10cc mushroom spore syringe filled with SSKS Spores.
  2. One sterile 16 gauge needle per syringe purchased and an alcohol prep pad.


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