True Albino Teacher Psilocybe Cubensis (TAT)



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Buy True Albino Teacher Psilocybe Cubensis (TAT) Online. The Albino strain is recognized for a faster, somewhat more physical high that lasts between four and five hours. Obviously, this depends on your consumption. Ideal for experienced users due to its rapid onset and powerful effects.

After 10 to 30 minutes of ingesting Albino Magic mushrooms, your mood will be elevated with happiness and elation. Depending on dose you may experience moderate to strong visual improvements. Things may seem to be breathing, the surrounding environment will feel more alive, and you may find yourself introspecting.

True Albino Teacher Psilocybe Cubensis

True Albino Teacher, often known as TAT, is a kind of psilocybin magic mushroom renowned for possessing all the same properties as the Golden Teacher strain, but with a stunning, all-white albino look.

These lovely mushroom spores produce reasonably sizable clusters with milky white and long stems, as well as broad and flat white caps with blue-grey patches sprinkled throughout the body and gills. Differentiating them from leucistic kinds of psychoactive mushrooms, the spores of the True Albino Teacher are relatively translucent or colorless. In their mature state, these mushrooms resemble white flowers rather than mushrooms.


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